Software Asset Management

Manage risk by controlling software costs.

Failure to effectively control and manage software costs inevitably lead to escalating operational expenses. Therefore it is important for organizations to be able to manage, control and protect its software assets through their entire life cycle to not only reduce IT costs but to mitigate legal risk related to software ownership. 


The Acrodex Software Asset Management (SAM) Services offering includes a multi-disciplinary consultative approach to software asset management and license compliance where we consider a program as a joint partnership between ourselves and your organization.  As part of our SAM engagement methodology, we carry out focused activities in the following key areas:


  • Review of existing procurement processes, records and controls
  • Inventory and Contract Management deliverables 
  • Data verification and Asset Discovery processes 
  • Operations and change management processes
  • Asset Life Cycle Management
  • Establishing a proactive framework for on-going software compliance


We are an industry member of IBSMA (International Business Software Management Association) and have access to templates and best practices to assist our customers to implement processes that comply with ISO/IEC 19770-1 standards.  Our Software Asset Management team are comprised of certified specialists and we work closely with our leading asset management tool vendors such as:


  • Microsoft System Center
  • Altiris
  • LANDesk
  • HP Service Desk and Asset Center
  • TriActive
  • Remedy


To find out how a Software Asset Management strategy can benefit your organization. Contact a SAM specialist today.